Frequently Asked Questions about PBIS Implementation

Do you have questions about PBIS Implementation?

Consult the experts Sara Fienup, Dale Langley, Erin Leskovic and their colleagues in the Lower Hudson Valley

(Region 2)

How do I respond to staff saying, “why are we not addressing negative behavior consistently and not just suspending students out of school?”

A common push-back I hear from staff is “aren’t we reinforcing kids too much for behaving the right way in school? When I was a kid, I was just expected to behave! I didn’t earn a ‘buck’! Doesn’t this teach them that they will always be reinforced for everything they do? That is not real life!!!”

How do I continue PBIS after long breaks or with new staff or students?

How do we assist the child with behavior challenges whose parent does not want intervention? Does not want behavior plan, check-in, check-out, etc.

What are some ideas for rewards for students to buy into the program? What is your advice for how to approach the money issue for school prizes?

What are some suggestions and ways to reinvent after 5+ years of implementing PBIS? Looking for ideas of keeping things fresh, creative, and new.

How do we empower staff at lunch/recess to take initiative?

What is the replacement behavior for _______?

What is the best way to implement PBIS in a middle school? A high school?

Tier 1 and 3 seem clear. What would Tier 2 look like? In classroom vs. outside of classroom? Small group? Who is responsible? Teachers? Social Workers? School Psychologist?

We see a trend that troubled kids tend to earn more “tickets” than children who follow rules religiously. How can we balance it out so “good” kids get more recognition?