About PBIS

School-Wide PBIS (SWPBIS) is a systems approach to creating and maintaining positive school climates where teachers can teach and students can learn. This evidence-based framework emphasizes preventing school discipline problems.

SWPBIS provides ideas to support teaching, modeling and recognizing positive, appropriate behavior in schools and identifies systems for logically responding to classroom and individual student problems.

SWPBIS is NOT a curriculum, intervention or practice, but IS a systems change framework that guides selection, integration and implementation of the best evidence-based practices for improving behavior outcomes for all students while increasing opportunities for academic engagement.

What are the primary elements of SWPBIS?

SWPBIS emphasizes four integrated elements within the context of cultural diversity:

  • Data for decision-making
  • Practices that are achievable and evidence-based
  • Systems that efficiently and effectively support implementation of these practices
  • Measurable outcomes supported and evaluated by data
A conceptual map of three overlapping circles labeled Systems, Data and Practices inside a larger circle labeled Outcomes. On the outside circle are four arrows labeled Cultural Equity, Cultural Validity, Cultural Relevance and Cultural Knowledge.
Integrated Elements of PBIS – Data, Systems and Practices Leading to Outcomes

What outcomes are associated with implementation of SWPBIS?

SWPBIS maximizes academic engagement and achievement for all students by:

  • Reducing disciplinary referrals, suspensions and expulsions while increasing academic performance.
  • Increasing the consistent use of positive teaching and reinforcement strategies for behavior.
  • Using engaging, responsive, preventive and productive approaches to problematic behavior.
  • Improving supports for students whose behaviors require more specialized assistance (e.g., emotional and behavioral disorders, mental health).

Three Tiered Triangle entitled Continuum of School-Wide Instructional & Positive Behavior Support. The smallest top tier is red and titled Tertiary Prevention: Specialized, Individualized, Systems for Students with High Risk. The larger middle tier is yellow titled Secondary Prevention: Specialized Group, Systems for Students with At-Risk Behavior. The largest bottom tier is green titled Primary Prevention: School/classroom-Wide Systems for All Students, Staff, & Settings.


Tier 1 – Primary Prevention

Tier 2 – Secondary Prevention

Tier 3 – Tertiary Prevention

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