Watertown City School District Kicks Off the School Year with PBIS Pinwheels!

The Watertown City School District held it’s first ever District Wide PBIS kickoff this year.  The district consists of 8 buildings, 5 elementary buildings, an intermediate building, a middle school and a high school.  The kick off involved students’ kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Elementary classes were pared up with upper grade levels.  All Students made pinwheels together displaying the words, Respectful, Responsible and Safe.

Field of PBIS Pinwheels

Students were taught lessons on each of the characteristics and then played games to get to know one another in the group.  The two classes that were paired together will now become pen pals throughout the year and adopt a senior who they will do nice things for throughout the school year.

A PBIS Pinwheel with the words Be Responsible.

Once the pinwheels were made all 3500 students in the district walked to the main field and planted the pinwheels to be seen by the community. After planting their pin wheel all staff and students had a picnic lunch together.  This day was all about building community.  It was a huge success as each of the buildings created friendships and bonds throughout the district.

Watertown School PBIS Picnic