PBIS Spotlight on Brockport Central School District

Brockport Central School District PBIS Team presents at APBS International Conference on Positive Behavior Support!

In March, members of the Brockport Central School District PBIS team presented during a poster session at the APBS International Conference on Positive Behavior Support in Denver, CO.  In a room filled with research and theory, they were one of only two school districts to be accepted for a poster session, which was very well attended with many compliments from participants.  The team highlighted an innovative approach to foster academic and behavioral growth through an aligned K-12 PBIS Instructional Settings matrix.  In an effort to strengthen tier 1 practices, the district team created this matrix to use within all classrooms with common language for grades K-5 and 6-12.  This practice necessitates teachers provide instruction on the expectations in the matrix as they relate to their specific routines and procedures.  The implementation of this practice allowed them to streamline behavioral data collection, begin merging academic and social-emotional learning, and increase staff ownership of teaching, modeling, and reinforcing behavioral expectations in all settings.

PBIS Instructional Settings Matrix for Grades UPK-5
PBIS Instructional Settings Matrix for Grades UPK-5
PBIS Instructional Settings Matrix for Grades 6-12
PBIS Instructional Settings Matrix for Grades 6-12

PS/MS 194 has gone from “Good to GREAT!”

Under the guidance of building principal Rosie Sifuentes-Rosado, PS/MS 194, a K-8 school in District 11 in NYC, is celebrating its sixth year of PBIS implementation.  Assistant Principal Christina VanZetta serves as the building’s internal coach and has been the driving force around sustaining the positive atmosphere of PBIS. PS/MS 194 has created GREAT (Goals, Respect, Excellence, Attitude, Team Player) expectations for their school!

Supported by Arthur Tobia of the RSE-TASC, PS/MS 194 has maintained a consistent level of fidelity on the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ) over their years of implementation.  Arthur attributes their success of implementation to the staff/teams commitment to support behavior school-wide and VanZetta’s dedication as the coach.

Both the Tier 1 and 2/3 teams consistently meet on a weekly basis to monitor behavior data that drives their work in supporting students. Utilizing Tier 1 practices for all as well as CICO for students in need of Tier 2 supports has laid the foundation for the work they have begun with Tier 3 students. Always looking to improve their implementation, to meet the needs of all students, this year they produced matrices in multiple languages to address diverse population of learners embedded in their community. They also provide frequent booster sessions to staff to keep staff focused and current in their PBIS practices.

At this point PBIS icon “Tommy the Tiger” is well branded throughout the school. His greeting on the school sign outside the building lets you know immediately you are entering a PBIS school. Once inside there is strong physical vibrant presence of PBIS. “Tommy the Tiger” jumps off the walls on posters and bulletin boards throughout the building. He can also be found on school water bottles, as well as gift cards from Dunkin Donuts. He is even on their gymnasium floor. For the staff he is also on school memos and in PowerPoint presentations.

Students work to earn both individual and whole-class acknowledgements to gain entrance into the school store. In addition PS/MS 194 has a variety of events bringing in entertainment such as magician “Gary the Great” and the “Harlem Magic Masters” Basketball program. Ice cream parties and a variety of other fun events punctuate their years of practice as a part of their acknowledgement plan. The staff even did their own “Flash Mob” for the kids!

Congratulations to the Principal Sifuentes–Rosado as well as her PBIS Teams, students, and staff of PS/MS 194 for six “GREAT” years of being dedicated to creating a positive and collaborative place to learn!


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